Brady Central CA Safety Page

Safety Policy

It is my policy that we manage and conduct all of our work at Brady Company / Central California in a manner that protects the safety and health of every individual who works for the Company.

We at the Brady Company / Central California are responsible to each employee to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

Each manager, supervisor, foreman and employee is directed and required to manage and conduct all Brady Company work in compliance with Federal and State OSHA Regulations.

Brady Company managers and supervisors will strive to provide work environments that are safe and free from recognized hazards in all work areas that are under their control.

All Brady Company employees have the responsibility to work in a safe manner at all times, and to help their co-workers to work safely.

The strength and effectiveness of our safety and health program requires the full attention and cooperation of each of us.

Any employee who has questions or concerns with the safety of any work operation, has my permission to ask for a safety review of that activity, before they take part in that work.

The success of our safety and health program requires the support and involvement of every manager, supervisor and employee.

I ask, and expect that all our work operations will be performed in a manner that provides a safe and healthy workplace for each member of the Brady Company / Central California Construction Team.

Gregg Brady
January 1, 2007

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