Job Requirements – FIELD FOREMAN


The duties and responsibilities of the Field Foreman consist of, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Experience running and managing field work.
  2. Ability to read and understand the Contract Drawings.
  3. Capable of performing layout per the Contract Drawings.
  4. Experience in organizing field crews to meet the Contract Schedule.
  5. Ability to order material after completing a material take-off per the approved submittals and specifications.
  6. Must be able to provide references and a resume for this position.

 Position Overview

  1. Supervise all field operations.
  2. Responsible for all hiring/lay-offs of project employees to ensure the job is properly staffed.
  3. Order all materials and equipment required to complete the project per the approved Contract Drawings, Specifications, and Submittals.
  4. Recommends solutions to RFI and other technical construction issues. (Review with Project Manager)
  5. Perform daily site walks to verify actual progress and record issues delaying progress on the project. Responsible for updating the budget, daily time cards, and tracking production.
  6. Notifies the Project Manager when there is a significant disagreement between or within the schedule logic, relationships, start dates, duration, finish dates, resource limitations, field conditions and probability of meeting completion dates.
  7. Performs all layout activities, including coordination with other trades, to insure accuracy.
  8. Responsible for all safety activities on the site.
  9. Supervise the fieldwork and monitor for compliance with the project drawings and specifications.
  10. Prepares Extra Work Authorizations (EWA) on a daily basis for Time and Material work or for disputed work and submits to the Project Engineer for processing.
  11. Prepare and submit Daily Reports describing activities, work areas, type of work, crew sizes, equipment, weather conditions, performance problems, out of sequence work, extra work, Owner caused delays, interference, hindrances, inefficiencies, etc.
  12. Attend Kickoff and Jobsite meetings. Review plans and specifications, fully understand scope, terms and conditions. Strategize with the on-site team to complete scope, goals and game plan to the Project Team.

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