Job Requirements – PROJECT ENGINEER


The duties and responsibilities of the Project Engineer consist of, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Ability to read and understand the Contract Drawings.
  2. Ability to order material from the completed material take-off (from the Field Foreman) per the approved submittals and specifications.
  3. Office 2007 or equivalent (Word, Excel, Access, & Power Point).
  4. Must be able to provide references and a resume for this position.

 Position Overview

  1. Insures the Project Record Documents (“as-builts”, that is drawings and specifications) are current, complete, accurate and posted for RFI, Bulletins, ASI and Change Orders, etc. on a weekly basis.
  1. If on site:
  • Participates in jobsite safety meetings.
  • Recognizes jobsite hazards.
  • Develops, with the Field Foreman, a jobsite hazard list, to be posted, distributed (especially to New-Hires) and updated weekly.
  1. Communicates to the Project Manager any “management” problems, concerns, etc
  2. Drafts serial letters as directed by the Project Manager. Reviewed and signed by the Project Manager.
  3. Insures all correspondence is properly distributed, tracked, and logged in a timely manner.
  4. Reviews and processes submittals per the Specifications and manufacturer’s data.
  5. Implements and manages Field Office equipment, machines, functions and procedures, including mobilization and de-mobilization.
  6. Read and write RFI’s pertinent to the job and insure the field has a copy of all RFI’s that affect scope of work.



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