Job Requirements – PROJECT MANAGER


  1. Report to the Operations Manager
  2. Is responsible for all construction operations in his designated area, including profitability, safety, quality control, schedule, client relations and provides input to the Coordinator in the selection, supervision and manpower training process.
  3. Monitor/control construction through administratively directing the Coordinator to ensure each project is safely completed on schedule and within budget; investigates any potentially serious situations and implements corrective measures.
  4. Prior to pre-job meeting selects a Coordinator and Foreman and provides copies of the plans and specs for them to review and become familiar with.
  5. Prior to each job start, initiates and sets up formal pre-job meetings with the Estimator, Coordinator, Chief Estimator, Project Engineer, etc.
  6. Is responsible for the interim (25%, 50%, 75%) and post-job analysis.
  7. Monitor and ensure the accuracy of  the weekly M.I.S. reports in order to identify problem areas as soon as possible. Ensures all Coordinators and Foremen understand how to and regularly read the reports.
  8. Attend weekly operations meetings, reports progress and requests feedback.
  9. Make sub-subcontractor selection and is responsible for approving all sub-subcontractor payments.
  10. Establish clear performance expectations for each person under his supervision and provides regular follow-up and coaching assistance.
  11. Complete annual Performance Reviews (PPR) for the Project Engineers, Coordinators, and selected Foremen.
  12. Assign responsibilities in conformance with the terms of the contract, standard policies and procedures, and any special project procedures.
  13. Provide support and guidance to the Project Engineer for administrative and engineering requirements.
  14. Provide support and guidance to the Field Coordinator for operational requirements.
  15. Applies knowledge of building trades and techniques by exercising sound management and construction decisions.
  16. Manage project administration (field staff, profit, general conditions, general requirements, etc.).
  17. Review Contract Documents, examining for discrepancies, and maintain complete understanding of the contract requirements.
  18. Manage contract administration procedures and control of documentation (correspondence, change orders, pay requests, contracts, RFI, submittals, etc.).
  19. Insure that all “Management Information Systems” (MIS) used by the project team are appropriate, sufficient and in proper working order.
  20. Inform the Operations Manager of significant contractual issues.
  21. Project Close-out.
  22. Embrace and represent the Company’s philosophy of integrity, openness, trust, courage, accountability, and innovation.
  23. Develop and coach an excellent Project Team, which produces a winning performance.


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